Week In Instagram: Photo Filter 1977

This week I was out amongst the people of public transit quite a bit.

Maybe too much.

I don’t drive.

Also, I chose photo filter ’1977′ which is as if you were to take a shirt, clean a giant blech puddle with it and then wipe the tears of a thousand orphans with it. It just sucks the fun and colour right out of your photos.

This man/woman/thing was *presenting* directly diagonal to me and I can’t pass up a good a shot like this ever. My sources (boyfriend) has confirmed that this is indeed a man as I wasn’t 100% sure because of his dykey potato face and surprising leg flexibility.

And yeah I thought about this all week because this man/lady/thing was wearing these boots which are commonly worn by soldiers or giant lesbians so it was tough, guys. So maybe you could sympathize with me for once and stop taking Jon’s side that would be great.

This is my friend’s boyfriend who is a cop (on a bike for the evening).

Anywho, they decided to stop and chat at the patio with us for awhile which probably drew attention because we all know how threatening I look. Nevertheless, everyone on the patio was on their best behaviour.

I bet you’re wondering why this picture is even here.


Here was a Thai lady boy on my train Tuesday morning. As IF there wasn’t enough going on with the torrential downpour and the 17 thousand back to school kids assaulting my nose with their Calgon sprays and disgusting morning laughter and WHO eats a Jamaican patty at 7:45am?

It’s unnecessary.

Anyway, way too early for this shit just wear some mittens or something you silly morning tranny. I don’t think he realized how uncomfortable that shade of purple was making me and with this filter? FORGETABOUTIT it isn’t even faded.

And who is THIS?

Here’s the weekly photo of Francis (shut it, shut your goddamn mouth right now he’s beautiful even from behind) It’s almost disturbing (it IS disturbing, Julia) because it looks like he was posing for this photo. (He’s a natural model, Julia)

I’m well aware.

In case you’re wondering this lad was wearing a diaper.

Okay, he wasn’t. BUT I was on my way home and we were on the train going northbound and the freaking train goes out of service because there’s a tunnel fire. Then the next train comes and goes out of service so being the subway rat I am, I scurry up to the street to catch a bus.

So did diaper boy.

I ended up having to sit directly beside him on the packed vomit comet which usually look a little like this and a lot like that. Our legs were touching and I’m still really shaken up about it.

This was probably karma for having snapped his picture but I don’t care that shirt was awful and he deserved it.

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