Jeff Wysaski

Thank You For Flying Guilt Trip Airlines

in Featured | by | 19.05.14

Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for flying Guilt Trip Airlines. As you settle into your seats, we’d like to remind you that it’s been forever since you last called your mother. On behalf of the entire staff, I’d like to thank you for requiring us to come into work today. My son had a T-ball [...]

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Albro Lundy

If Lewis Carroll Wrote Of A Chance Meeting With A Taco

in Features | by | 13.05.14

The sun was setting, a perfect golden hue enveloping the shore as Helios dragged his fiery mares through the final leg of their agonizing daily paces. Each miniscule grain upon the beach shone with an impermeable brilliance, illuminated with the fading light of what had been an absolutely effervescent Tuesday. “Ahem,” interrupted a small voice. [...]

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Adam Rensch

How To Gain Friends & Influence People: A Guide To Twitter Success

1. Be Ironic This is, perhaps, the most important tool to twitter success. Be ironic about anything and everything because nothing matters, especially not twitter, which is exactly why you’re spending 8 hours a day tweeting. This thoughtless, juvenile approach to life, one you’ve yet to outgrow, will be your life raft in a sea [...]

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Randy Smith

11 Signs You’re A 50-Year-Old Middle-Class Man

in Guides, Psychology & Mind | by | 07.05.14

1.  You’re now officially delaying invasive procedures like out-patient “butt stuff” at the doctor.   2.  Your medications take medications.   3.  Road rage is your new “horny.”   4.  Hot Singles in Your Area sound like a lot of work.   5.  You’ve considered opening a retirement account.  Or, researched personal injury lawsuits involving [...]

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JM Cook

11 Things That Are Different In Texas

in Guides, Travel & Transport | by | 29.04.14

I recently moved from Massachusetts to Texas — which is basically the opposite of Massachusetts. There are many things different about these two places. Here are some of those things. Weather Boy oh boy is the weather different here! Back home, it’s snowing and cold. Here it’s like 70 degrees and warm. It’s nice! Driving [...]

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Katrin Higher

10 Signs You Are SO Totally In Your 30s Now!

in Guides, Visual | by | 28.04.14

1. For starters, congratulations on still being here! It is a great indication that you are in your 30s if you are not dead yet. If you’re dead, you didn’t make it this far.   2. You have had 11 children, of which 3 are still alive. I’m sorry Willem fell in the well last night [...]

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Jason Ryan

Fun Internet-Quiz Results Roundup

Unless you’ve been living under a rock or have a “life” outside of the internet, you are by now well aware of the resurgence of the popular “which thing/character/whatever from pop culture are you?” quizzes popping up all over social media and clogging your Facebook timeline. Finally it’s no longer a secret which “Mama’s Family” [...]

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Audrey Farnsworth

7 Hot New Dining Experiences In The City

in Food & Health, Guides | by | 24.04.14

Are you a human, with a mouth(s)? Then you probably like to do eating, or have to, or whatever. Living in such a diverse place like The City, however, it can be difficult to find quality places because of the overwhelming amount of restaurants and how they’re just like piled on top of each other everywhere. [...]

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