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Don Nichols

CYBER SIZE ME: The 30-Day Techno Diet

DID YOU KNOW as many as “a lot” of world citizens are consuming media, and digesting information, daily? It’s true! And, all of these extra bits of knowledge result in unwanted brain fat: those under-exercised neurons of information that linger like unsightly love handles in your goal to have a sexy, rock hard intellect. In [...]

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Monique Madrid

How To Organize THAT Drawer

in Guides | by | 06.08.13

So you’ve got a bunch of chords, gadgets and other junk.  No need to get overwhelmed. Organizing takes just 3 simple steps. Step 1. Separate your junk Batteries Headphones External Hard Drives A bag of “stuff” you’ll definitely need some day Step 2. Neatly place the junk in a drawer Step 3. Close drawer   Congratulations [...]

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Screen Shot 2013-06-02 at 2.11.44 AM
Emily Berna

Snappy Answers To Stupid Questions On Yahoo!: Part II

in Guides, Tech | by | 11.06.13

A while ago, I did a post where I screenshot-ed actual questions that I found on Yahoo! Answers and commented with my own personal answers. This post is the same thing, but these are NEW QUESTIONS! As someone who likes comedy, there really is quite literally (Chris Traeger voice) nothing in this world that is [...]

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Sweet Toof Kyle Lippert Twitterview
Jeff Brian

Twitterview: @Kyle_Lippert

in Twitterviews | by | 23.05.13

Kyle Lippert is the worst. This is what all of twitter was led to believe weeks ago when #KyleLippertIsTheWorst was trending worldwide.  Then why does he have so many followers? Then why do his tweets make me laugh all the time? Oh…I get it! He’s actually one of the best. See why we all come [...]

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Carrie Wittmer

Reasons He’s Not Texting You Back

in Love & Sex | by | 03.03.13

You know when you can’t breathe and your entire world is falling apart because you texted this guy ten minutes ago and he hasn’t responded but he responded to your last four texts within three minutes? You’re not really sure if he is your boyfriend yet or even if he knows your last name, but [...]

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Samantha Schlaifer

How To Dump Via Email: A Step-by-Step Guide

in Love & Sex | by | 09.02.13

1. Start with a authoritative subject line.  It’s important to grab the dumpee’s attention with a stern, call to action. I prefer “moving forward.” This email is, in fact, all about moving forward – you just happen to be moving forward in different directions. 2. Always start with an emoticon.  Let your soon-to-be ex know that [...]

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