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Maura Quint

The Savvy Woman’s Guide To Decoding Men On Twitter

Think Twitter is just a place to get your news, your laughter, your celebrity death updates, your validation, your dose of high school politics, your anger, your social interaction and your memes that have already appeared on Reddit?  Well, it’s not!  Twitter is also a great place to meet men and/or man-children! You’re a savvy, [...]

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Alex Klein

My Roommate: Edward Snowden

in Home & Living, News | by | 03.12.13

A work-related assignment has had me living in Moscow for the better part of a year. Another American expat, who you may or may not be familiar with, is also currently enjoying the vodka and stuffed cabbage as well. But for one, Edward Snowden, the process of getting here wasn’t easy. First, he fled to China [...]

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Amanda Mancino

The Belly Of The Beast

We went to a party. A rather together affair with relatively good wine, nice furniture, and a few people unfortunately wearing Benetton.  Everyone moving in and out of conversation lithely, all intuitively connecting with the background music via their super mod bounce.  And then, as the little group was about to discuss Orwell, we were [...]

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tyler article
Tyler Schmall

What Men REALLY Mean: A Guide for Women

in Love & Sex | by | 06.02.13

Sorry fellas, but I think it’s high time that the ladies knew what us men are really trying to convey behind our often awful attempt at words. “Hi” actually means “Do you want to have sex at your earliest possible convenience?” It’s true girls. It turns out the only reason we’re even speaking is because [...]

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Stotle's Guide To Manhood
Aristotle Georgeson

How To Become A Man, Chapter 1: Attitude

in Guides | by | 31.01.13

Are you a man? Are you? Are you really? Being a man doesn’t just involve having penis. Plenty of women I know have incredibly large penises in the top drawer of their nightstand and that by no means makes them a man. It takes balls to be a man and not just actual balls, but [...]

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Bad Date
Erica Hobar

Things I Wish My Mom Told Me When I First Started Dating

in Guides | by | 09.01.13

Now, I don’t mean the birds-and-the-bees talk. My mom told me that when I was 13; either not very explicitly or I just wasn’t paying attention because it took me another year to figure out what a condom actually was (sort of thought it was some kind of device that connected two people and made [...]

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