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Giving the Finger to 2013: A Look Back At The Year In Culture

in Uncategorized | by | 19.12.13

Sooooo……2013. Wow. I don’t know where to start. I literally do not know how to write a review of the year in pop culture without it sounding like a suicide note. Pop culture is now moving faster than the speed of light. The masses get worked up and angry or excited about something and then [...]

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Drew Schnoebelen

A Guide To Posting Spoilers Online

in TV | by | 10.12.13

Being one of the millions of people who watch the most popular shows on TV like The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones etc., I’m constantly trying to avoid spoilers online. While I do attempt to catch my favorite shows during their initial airing (as I’m lucky enough to have cable and more free time than [...]

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Derek Lawler

Filmmaker Hopes To Turn Zombie Genre Into Art (Updated)

in Film | by | 02.04.13

Director Alastair Grant, recent winner of the illustrious Golden Lemur at The Dreamcatchers Film Festival, has signed on to direct the zombie film “Gravely.” He hopes to elevate the genre with his keen eye for color, design and metaphors, which were on full display in his award-winning movie “Kiss from the Fondant Queen.” “I’ve been [...]

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Curt Pasisz

Best Of: Porn Spoofs

in Film | by | 10.01.13

Let’s face facts. Porno movies get boring after awhile. The adult film industry realized this and has started making spoofs of popular movies and TV shows. It’s the best of both worlds. You still get to see your favorite performers having sex, but you also get a fresh, sexy, and funny take on familiar characters [...]

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Jaysun Webb

Medieval Times, Atlanta: A Review

in Travel & Transport | by | 12.10.12

This weekend I went to the Atlanta Medieval Times which is the best one I have been to so far and not because it was better than the others but because I paid close attention to the people. My friend and I sat next to a mother, father, and dorky son combination. It swelled my [...]

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