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Harbingerr's Horrorscopes
Edwina Gein

Harbingerr’s Horror-scopes: Jan 22 – Jan 28

in Horiscopes | by | 22.01.13

You are very demanding of those around you, which means you are a douche. Shut the fuck up or someone is going to kill you.   You are known for your stability and strength in horrific situations, which is why you are a doormat. Grow a fucking backbone or someone is going to kill you. [...]

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Emily Berna

A Look At This Season’s “Bachelor”: All Time Lowe

in TV | by | 14.01.13

Y’all stoked for this season of “The Bachelor”?!!! LADIES?!!! AM I RIGHT?!!! No. This season of America’s most beloved show, “The Bachelor,” premiered on January 7th on ABC. What a perfect way to reign in this new year of true love, merriment, sanity, and pure glee, right? WRONG! I must admit, I watched last season [...]

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David Fine

7 Things That Turned Out Not To Be Aphrodisiacs

in Food & Health | by | 13.01.13

The word aphrodisiac comes from the name Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love and fertility. She was also a total slut, bangin’ Ares all the time (among others) and cuckolding poor old Hephaestus. She popped out kids left and right, including Priapus, who was known for his gargantuan 24/7 erection, and Hermaphrodites, a bisexual who [...]

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A Cosmo Girl's Guide - Dos And Don'ts For Break Ups
Siobhan Beasley

Break-Up Do’s And Don’ts

in Love & Sex | by | 10.01.13

It’s a new year, and time for a new you! Because you’re newly single! You weren’t single just a moment ago. But now you are. You’re. So. Very. Single. And you were single for New Years when you thought it’d be a good idea to make-out with that guy who smelled like an aged cheese platter, [...]

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Curt Pasisz

Best Of: Porn Spoofs

in Film | by | 10.01.13

Let’s face facts. Porno movies get boring after awhile. The adult film industry realized this and has started making spoofs of popular movies and TV shows. It’s the best of both worlds. You still get to see your favorite performers having sex, but you also get a fresh, sexy, and funny take on familiar characters [...]

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Zoë Klar

NoWay Cupid Featured Profile: Ice-T and Coco

in Love & Sex | by | 10.01.13

IceTLovesCocoAndMaybeYou! 42 & 28/Straight/Married Bayonne, New Jersey (8 miles)       My self-summary We are a loving couple looking for a new friend. One of us is an actor/rapper and the other one is married to an actor/rapper. We’ve been married for a while now and Coco seems like she’d be fun in bed [...]

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Bad Date
Erica Hobar

Things I Wish My Mom Told Me When I First Started Dating

in Guides | by | 09.01.13

Now, I don’t mean the birds-and-the-bees talk. My mom told me that when I was 13; either not very explicitly or I just wasn’t paying attention because it took me another year to figure out what a condom actually was (sort of thought it was some kind of device that connected two people and made [...]

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pepper girl at syracuse Chipotle last  thur (I need you) - m4w
Daniel Eastman

Missed Connections: pepper girl at Syracuse Chipolte last thur (I need you) – m4w

New York > Impersonals > Syracuse > I Saw Ya! SCAM ALERT – scammers posing as potential romantic partners are actually sometimes just creepy weirdos with latent sociopathic tendencies!  Date: 2013-1-6, 10:05AM EST Replyto: I saw you at Chipotle last ThurSday. I think everyone saw you. You were dressed as a 6 foot pepper handing out free quacamole samples. [...]

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