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Adam Rensch

How To Gain Friends & Influence People: A Guide To Twitter Success

1. Be Ironic This is, perhaps, the most important tool to twitter success. Be ironic about anything and everything because nothing matters, especially not twitter, which is exactly why you’re spending 8 hours a day tweeting. This thoughtless, juvenile approach to life, one you’ve yet to outgrow, will be your life raft in a sea [...]

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Randy Smith

11 Signs You’re A 50-Year-Old Middle-Class Man

in Guides, Psychology & Mind | by | 07.05.14

1.  You’re now officially delaying invasive procedures like out-patient “butt stuff” at the doctor.   2.  Your medications take medications.   3.  Road rage is your new “horny.”   4.  Hot Singles in Your Area sound like a lot of work.   5.  You’ve considered opening a retirement account.  Or, researched personal injury lawsuits involving [...]

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Maura Quint

The Savvy Woman’s Guide To Decoding Men On Twitter

Think Twitter is just a place to get your news, your laughter, your celebrity death updates, your validation, your dose of high school politics, your anger, your social interaction and your memes that have already appeared on Reddit?  Well, it’s not!  Twitter is also a great place to meet men and/or man-children! You’re a savvy, [...]

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We've got a lot to learn here, gang.
Greg P.

Identities: Trending, And Why You Should Be Too

in Greg P., Psychology & Mind | by | 11.04.13

You’ve probably heard of these things called “Identities.” All the kids have them these days–you can hardly walk to the grocery store without seeing at least two or three — and they’re only growing in popularity. By 2015, 88% of teens will have an identity, and 22% will have three or more. That’s the kind [...]

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Nigel R.

The BRAIN Intiative: Exploring Ye Olde Noggin

in Psychology & Mind | by | 04.04.13

What is BRAIN? Just a few days ago, the president signed over $100m to the ‘Brain Research through Advancing Innovative Neurotechnologies’ (BRAIN) initiative. The project seeks to dynamically map the human brain, and explore the connections that make it work. In launching BRAIN, Obama said (using exhaustively scientific terms) that while we have made progress [...]

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pooh computer
Drew Schnoebelen

Quiz: Which Winnie The Pooh Character Are You?

in Psychology & Mind | by | 02.04.13

The Internet is full of Archetypes. Trolls, know-it-alls, sad tweeters. One thing I noticed recently is that there was a group of literary characters that basically embodied these archetypes down to the T. The 100 Acre Wood was full of Internet assholes. Here, I break down what each character represents and where you’re most likely [...]

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