If you have the Sundance channel, or even Hulu, get on it now, because they’ve got reruns of “My So Called Life” and it’s even more amazing than I remembered. Only now as a wiser, more experienced adult, I can see the show through a whole new set of eyes.

Here are the things I learned while re-watching “My So Called Life” as an adult

- When you’re 15, life really DOES suck.

- I was definitely more of an Angela, even though I thought I was a Rayanne (and who didn’t, amiright?)

- Like, I can’t believe how much we, like, said “like” back then.

- Claire Danes looked her best as a redhead.

- I would still make sweet sweet love to Jordan Catalano…even if he’s only 16.

- Little sisters really do get shafted (Note: delayed apology to my own little sister).My so called life cast

- Those emotional dark stares that went with my dramatic speeches when I was a teenager probably looked as stupid as it does when Angela does it.

- How did they get alcohol at that age so easily?

- Oh yeah, it is pretty easy to get alcohol when you’re that age.

- They’re right, it’s totally embarrassing to talk about <giggle> sex… and stuff.

- There’s a good chance I didn’t look nearly as cool as Rayanne when I had braids and stripes of blonde in my hair.

- Rickie Vasquez… I didn’t learn anything new about Rickie, because I already knew he was awesome.

- There were grownups in this show?

- Sharon was totally the Andrea Zuckerman of “My So Called Life”.


- Randomly, two of the actor’s names were Devon. Devon Odessa who played Angela’s former best friend Sharon Cherski and Devon Gummersall who played Brian Krakow. Oh, and he got hot!

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