“Why are you at the zoo by yourself, mister?”
- question I’m often asked.

“I’m sketching wildlife. Now go back to your field trip, boy.”
- my reply

Hello, I am @pants. Real life professional cartoonist and licensed art instructor for The Impersonals. Before we get to this week’s lesson I want to highlight the importance of always carrying around a sketchbook. Just recently I was using public transportation when I noticed an attractive woman sitting across from me. “Hold it right there,” I said pulling out a sketchbook from inside my windbreaker. “I’d like to draw you.” She declined and quickly got off at the next stop. Not one to give up, I inquired if any other passengers wanted to model for me. This man eagerly accepted. (see fig.1).

Fig. 1 Bus passenger sketch.

The point is that I had my sketchbook on me and was READY to draw at a moment’s notice. So whether you’re on the bus or at the zoo, don’t leave home without yours, friend.

Today we’ll be learning how to draw wildlife and the importance of those little details that can really make your art pop. Let’s get started, shall we?

Lesson #2: Wildlife Drawing

For each lesson I’ve preselected an image with corresponding easy-to-follow steps. Remember to take your time and read each step before proceeding to the next. Today we’ll be learning how to draw a Nicolas Cage Bear Making Love to Another Bear.

Quick Note: I received a few complaints about not providing enough instruction in last week’s lesson. While I’m not inclined to adjust my teaching style I have tried to provide more detail in today’s class.

Step 1: Start by drawing bear ears. *Advanced Tip: This is also how you would draw hamster ears.

Trace my bear ears if you are having any trouble with this step

Step 2: Those bear ears kinda sucked so erase them and draw again. *Advanced Tip: Not using a Sharpie makes erasing substantially easier.

Retrace my bear ears if you are having any trouble with this step

Step 3: Finish the rest of your Nicolas Cage Bear.

Great work everyone! Send your own examples of Nic Cage bears or any requests for what you’d like to learn how to draw on The Impersonals to @pants on twitter.


After last week’s lesson a few of my students sent in samples of their own Centaur Steve Buscemi in jean shorts. Wonderful work!






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