“Could ya’ spare some change, mister?”
- question I get at least once a day

“Absolutely not. But how about something even better than change? How about an art lesson?”
- my reply

Hello, I am @pants, real life cartoonist and licensed art instructor for The Impersonals. For the next 2-3 minutes I’ll be your guide and hopefully your friend as we share the simple joy of learning to draw. Something I’ve always believed is that deep within us all there’s an artist yearning to be let out. He or she is hidden from the world, locked away in the back of your primered van of creative repression. I’m here today to help open that van and set free the malnourished artist inside of you.

“But why, Mr. @pants? Why draw? Why now?”

Well friend, art is how humankind first learned to express themselves. Think back to those kinda-shitty caribou paintings the cave people were doing hundreds of years ago. While they lacked the skills I will teach you today, their feeble attempts at “art” demonstrated the need we all have to unleash our own creative urges.

I want you to think of your inner artist as that mouth breathing cave person scribbling nonsense on the wall or the bound and gagged kidnapee in the back of your van. Isn’t it about time you let them out to receive the proper instruction? So whether you’re a fresh faced novice or an art school graduate saddled in debt, I say “grab your drawing supplies and get comfortable”, because class is about to begin.

Lesson #1: Figure Drawing

For each lesson I’ve preselected an image with corresponding easy-to-follow steps. Remember to take your time and read each step before proceeding to the next. Today we’ll be learning how to draw a centaur Steve Buscemi in jean shorts. 

Step 1: Start off with a circle. This will be the body of your centaur.*Advanced Tip: This is also how you would draw a horse and/or cow.

Trace my circle if you are having trouble with this step.

Step 2: Add the jean shorts to the rear of your circle.  *Advanced Tip: You can simply extend the shorts if you wish to draw pants. (also follow @pants on twitter).

Trace my jean shorts if you are having trouble with this step.

Step 3: Color in your centaur Steve Buscemi in jean shorts.

Great work everyone! Send your own examples of centaur Steve Buscemi or any requests for what you’d like to learn how to draw on The Impersonals to @pants on twitter. Homework: Following the same steps practice drawing a centaur Jeff Goldblum in jean shorts.

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