This week was a week with a holiday in it.

CANADIAN Thanksgiving to be specific. I don’t know why we have a Thanksgiving, okay?

This week was the week I chose Hefe as my Instagram photo filter and it was a week of candlelit photos which you think would be beautiful. WRONG! SO FUCKING WRONG!

What is a Hefe?

This is the Township of Mono which makes me laugh every time I pass it. Imagine a town full of people with the kissing disease.

Now think about something else.

Now think back to that disgusting town of Mono.


I don’t know what we were trying to achieve. I can tell you we’re both 25 and very mature. I don’t know if any of this is going to make sense so I won’t try to explain it.

It was a good, sane idea at the time.

Yes, that is a dong constructed out of tiny magnetic balls.


Oh god, TWO photos in ONE?

This was Thanksgiving and also the man on the right’s birthday so naturally he had a crown, so It was a basement packed with people. One of those people was a little Korean girl (she wasn’t little like young but she was small though) and I don’t know her story, I don’t know who she knew I don’t know where I am.

So we Skyped in my brother who is teaching in Korea and this Korean girl fell in love with Ricky. This girl was taking photos with her phone in front of the tv Ricky was projected on. I didn’t know what was happening I was just trying to eat pie for shit sakes.

Anyway, his new Korean girlfriend ate up all the Skype time so we had to postpone which was upsetting but I also didn’t love the pie and I found that slightly more upsetting.



The thing about Hefe is that it’s hard to see detail on things like dead birds. He is very much dead. Gary is about four weeks dead and has been moved to various spots by either the wind or magic.

On Tuesday when I got this picture of Gary he was closer to the door of one of the office buildings and I looked full on crazy in front of the morning smokers.

And I don’t regret documenting Gary’s afterlife one bit.


Anyway you were probably all “where’s that stupid cat” and “I hate that cat” but mostly “I bet that isn’t even its natural fur colour”

And you’re right! I dyed Francis’ fur orange so he would look like my son.

Anywho, here he is sleeping on a corpse. A corpse who happens to be my father sleeping in a jacket (cultural thing).

Fun note: he isn’t actually a corpse he just prefers to sleep like Lenin.
Fun question: why would I immortalize my dead father (who ISN’T actually dead)?

Don’t answer that. I’ve been posting photos of Gary for weeks so maybe this is the beginning of something terrible OR promising career in Necrotography.

Julia’s Death Photography Studio
Julia’s Death Barn (nope, that sounds just makes me sound like a murderer)
Julia’s House Passed Loved Ones Photography Hut
Julia’s Place
Julia’s House of 1000 Corpses (probably too much like Death Barn but this is cuter)

“Julia’s Place: bringing life to your dead through photography” or “Think dead people are WEIRD? I DON’T!” 

I don’t think my tagline needs ANY help WHATSOEVER but I could use a jingle.



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