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If you’re on Twitter, you probably follow comedian, Rob Fee. (You do, RIGHT?! If not, get on that. Why do you hate yourself?) Rob is consistently hilarious but what he really has going for him if you ask me is that he’s likeable. Not like ‘Aww, bless his heart’ likeable and not like ‘slick funny asshole’ likeable either. More like ‘Guy you wanna sit at the back of the class with in high school’ likeable. He’s nice and he’s witty. You want to hear what he’ll say next.

A lot of people want to hear what Rob Fee has to say. His comedy album debuted at #1 on iTunes. (You can buy that here. Do it!) He also regularly writes for Mandatory.com. His tweets are smart and full of pop culture references. Pretty sure I started following him after someone retweeted one of his Kristen Stewart tweets into my timeline. (He has many good Kristen Stewart tweets. You should go read them all. After you finish reading this amazing post, of course.)

Here are some of my favorite @RobFee tweets:

I sent @RobFee a list of 10 questions. He sent back 10 responses. Check out this awesomeness:

1. What 2 things would you grab from your house during a fire?

I would grab my son and my cat but I would fill their tiny hands with as many Pepperidge Farm cookies as I possibly could because those things are delicious and somewhat pricy if I’m being honest.

2. If I forced you at gunpoint to karaoke with me, what would we sing?

Top 5 right off the top of my head:

- Total Eclipse of the Heart

- Get Out of My Dreams, Get into My Car

- Fiona Apple’s Criminal

- Careless Whisper

- Hot in Herre

I’d also do Kanye’s part in N-words in Paris.

3. What Twitter person (who you haven’t met in person yet) would you most like to have dinner with?

This is tough because there’s SOOO many people I’d like to avoid but I’d have to go with @famouscrab and @conortripler. We could go to Long John Silver and get crazy.

4. What would you kick someone out of bed for?

Murder. Blasphemy. Making fun of The Newsroom when there are so many other horrible shows that deserve mocking. Also mouth breathing.

5. Which fictional character do you most identify with?

King Hippo from Mike Tyson’s Punch Out. I too have been cursed with the rare disease where if I get punched in my open mouth my pants fall off. It’s humiliating.

6. Would you rather grab a beer with Mr. Belding or AC Slater?

Belding. 100% positive on this one. I’d do it in hopes his cool brother Rod shows up. That guy was so awesome with his rebelliously long hair and love for loose women. I bet he’s got some cool stories and would probably take us white water rafting.

7. Your kid is crazy adorable. What three pop culture things do you feel like you’re morally obligated to introduce him to? (For example: music, movies, cartoons, etc.)

Well thank you! I’ve already started this journey for him. The first movie he watched was Return of the Jedi so he’ll always have that going for him. I have to make sure he sees the great movies I grew up on because by the time he’s my age they’ll be rebooting movies as you’re watching it in the theater. We also watch old wrestling videos before he goes to sleep because that definitely builds character.

8. You make fun of Joe Biden a lot. What would you say to him if you met him?

I can’t believe more people don’t constantly make fun of this guy. He says the dumbest things and no one seems to notice. If I met him I’d probably pretend to be Sanjaya from that season of American Idol and see how many people I could get him to introduce me to.

9. We both love horror flicks. What is your all-time favorite?

People assume I love comedies but I rarely watch funny movies. I’m always looking for new horror movies, as I’m almost certain I’ve seen them all. It’s tough to pick a favorite. I thought the Blair Witch Project was absolutely genius. The marketing, the concept, just fantastic. The original Nightmare on Elm Street terrified me, as did the original Thai version of Shutter. I could go on and on with these. Can we keep talking about them? Where are you going?

10. People say Twitter is like a resume for comedians. How much do you think it has helped you career-wise?

It has helped me tremendously. A lot of people say you can’t get a job from Twitter, which I would agree with, however it does help you to get opportunities. I had an album debut at #1 on iTunes in the US and Canada, performed standup at some of the most amazing venues in the country, I’ve been featured in the New York Post, and I’ve been given the opportunity to write for some great companies including my current job at The Ellen Show. I can say, without a hesitation, that none of it would have been possible without Twitter. It didn’t get me any of those things, but it provided the opportunity to get them. If you’re reading this and want to do comedy then Twitter is a great place to work out your comedic voice and see what you can do.

See what I’m talking about?! Nice. Hilarious. All around fantastic. And now I heart Rob Fee even more because a) I’d go with Belding all the way b) The original A Nightmare on Elm Street is one of my favorite horror movies ever (I saw it when I was twelve) and c) that karaoke list is just perfect. Turn around, bright eyes. Fucking perfect.


Drop back by next Friday when I ask another awesome Twitter persona another ten awesome questions.

*Follow Rob Fee on Twitter here. Right now. Seriously. Do that shit. Yup.

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