The 5 Places To Go On Vacation With Peter Dinklage

Everyone who knows me knows that I am obsessed with Peter Dinklage. I just want to treat him to a nice vacation where I can repay him for making my life worth living. He’s an amazing actor, humanitarian and is incredibly handsome. If I could, I would carry him around in a baby bjorn all day. But because that is creepy and against the law,  I’ll just have to settle for dreaming up vacation spots to take him.

Here are the top 5 places I would take P.D. for some P.D.A.

5. Italy

This one is a no brainer because it’s one of the most romantic places on earth. It’s perfect. We could enjoy a pleasant afternoon gondola ride. Eat pasta like they did in The Lady and the Tramp. He could sit in the basket of my vespa. It’d be perfect.

4. Africa

HOW CUTE WOULD THE DINKLAGE LOOK IN SAFARI GEAR? All we would need is a one-person tent, a knife and our body heat. In anticipation for this trip, I’ve been watching Survivor Man in the event that this dream ever comes to fruition. If a group of lions approached us I would obviously offer myself up as sacrifice, stick Dink on the back of a friendly elephant and feel at peace knowing my life was ended short for the one I loved.

3. Disney World

I feel like we could get a child pass if he shaved.

2. New York

He lives in Brooklyn so it would be like a staycation. (I can’t believe I just used that word – it’s crazy what love can do to you.) We could have a dinner party with his celebrity friends. He could take me to the place we’ll probably first meet (outside of his bedroom window, dressed in all black and breathing heavily.) We could pretend his wife didn’t exist and I could coax his baby into calling me “mama.” Haha, just joking about that last part…

1. That Island where Edward got Bella pregs in Twilight

Pretty self-explanatory. Not sure why you’re reading this expecting a well articulated reason as to why I would want to take him there

Love always,

Amanda Brooke Dink- (*eye roll*… I GOTTA stop doing that!) Perrin

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