Week In Instagram: Photo Filter Rise

This week was a week with seven days. This week was also Rise filter week. The Rise filter is as if you were to take your photograph and let it sit in the sun.

“What’s a photograph, Julia?”

Right? I don’t even fucking remember what they are. Rise is a filter that will lighten your hair and even out your skin-tone (tip for the uggos out there) also, it’ll also make you look slightly more tanned (that’s a tip for my ghouls!)

Get it? : )

Here’s my cat at the vet -like you give a shit. We’ve been over this, I know you roll your eyes HARD when you see a photo of my beautiful cat and I don’t know why I keep placing his photo at the beginning. ANYWAY, there’s nothing wrong with him unless you count the fact that he’s very violent and a mean drunk.

In case you were wondering his teeth are in perfect condition and I think this picture highlights them perfectly.

I know what you’re thinking and YES! I bought all of these baby hooker bathing suits. These bathing suits were being sold for $19.99 each so no, I don’t need a financial planner and yes I’m perfectly capable of managing my money.

Unrelated: I posted an ad on Craigslist because I need someone to take a couple baby hooker bathing suits off my hands and FAST (I have a phone bill to pay and gourmet cat food to buy)

This thing was in the clearance section of a store called Winners which is like Canadian T.J. Maxx except nobody uses the clearance aisle as an outhouse.

Anyway, here’s a clearly unwell (very sickly looking) baby statue blatantly resting his hand on his crotch. Yeah, I stared for 30-40 minutes because it was art and I was really trying to take it all in.

Like I want to see that, stone baby.

I always take a picture in this washroom because it is literally the ugliest washroom I’ve had the pleasure of urinating in. I posted this and it was immediately brought to my attention that it looks like my right arm is a baby arm (so, thank you 7-9 people)

What I’m saying is I hope the government of Canada will let me use this as my new passport photo.

This is my favourite subway busker (aside from the Russian midget who plays the mandolin at Sheppard station -he will always be #1 in my heart) This guy is literally always in a sailor suit -sure, he’s flaming but he’s just European.


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