Week In Instagram Photo Filter Walden

What’s a Walden?

I don’t know. I know there’s a mall in Buffalo, NY called the Walden Galleria and it’s basically the jewel of that Godless wasteland.

As a photo filter it kind of sucks the colour out of your photo as if some kid drew a chalk mural on your driveway and you were all “not on my fucking driveway, Marcus I’m sick of this SHIT” and dumped a pale of water onto his artwork.

That is Walden.

This week was a really fucked up week in Instaland (registered trademark, copyright Julia Davidovich forever) because the app went down on Saturday AND Tuesday and I’ve had it up to HERE with Instagram even though I paid zero cents for the app and the world certainly doesn’t need any more Instavom: Instagrammed vomit pictures (registered trademark, copyright Julia Davidovich forever)

Cool, let’s get on with it!

These are cake pops. I don’t really want to talk a lot about these because they look like sad, red snowballs and everything I touch turns to shit.

I promise this will be the only photo of my handsome cat, Francis. I just wanted to get some books in this shot because I wanted to remind all of you that I’m better than you.

Yeah I have over 300 photos of Francis and YEAH I have an entire folder on my phone dedicated to his photos and YES, SOMETIMES I bring him to work with me and let him hang out under my desk and OKAY once every couple weeks we get manis/pedis but you assholes need to get over it.

Here is a piece of banana bread purposefully shaped as a penguin.

Here is a list of things I thought the banana bread was actually shaped as:

  • A meerkat
  • Nun (Mother Superior)
  • Danny DeVito as The Penguin
  • Fucking banana bread
  • Swamp donkey
  • Teddy Ruxpin
  • Bear robot
Hi Jenn!

Who’s THIS handsome fellow? I don’t know how this got in here…

Little known fact: this is the path to Narnia

I’ve spoken at length about the fly problem at work and finally have obtained the disgusting proof. We are collecting them all and on Friday and are conducting a mass burial for our fly friends.

Note: Yes, that is a man’s hand and yes I had an experimental hand transplant thank you for noticing.

What? This is so funny, I have no idea how this go-FUCK YOU HE’S BEAUTIFUL!

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