The following are recommendations for this month’s Impersonals Book Club:

Obesity, And Why It Might Be Right For You

The Complete Idiot’s Guide To Opening Direct Mail

Cooking For One

The Smart Person’s Guide To Becoming A Professional Street Solicitor

10 Steps To Better Napping

I See You: A Comprehensive Guide To Facebook Stalking

I Hear You: The Definitive Guide To Eavesdropping On Your Neighbors

I Feel You: A Step-By-Step Guide To Accidental Grouping

“I’m Just Gonna Throw This Out There” And Other Great Openers For Uncomfortable Conversations

Can The People On TV See You Watching Them? A Theory.

Is It Okay To Discuss My Clean Colon At Dinner Parties? Social Etiquette For Juicers

13 Pranks To Play On The Guy Who Is Clearly More Successful Than You

Where’d you Score That Smoothie? And 1000 Other Terrible Pick-Up Lines

Ditzy, Superficial, & Loud: Why A Career In PR Might Be Right For You

Delusional, Clueless & Broke: You’re An Entrepreneur! 

Your Weird-Looking Butt: Why It’s Your Greatest ASSet

Ten Steps To Looking Just Like Christopher Walken

Featured Writers

Maura Quint

Maura Quint

Maura Quint is a writer who received the silver medal in the '88 Calgary...

Thomas Green

Thomas Green

Thomas Green is a writer, podcaster ("Wrestlefolks: The Podcast" on iTunes), and...

Jake Riordan

Jake Riordan

Jake went to college with Impersonals editor Matt Brand, and there was instant...

Nigel R.

Nigel R.

Nigel's ability to comment on himself is deficient at best.

You can find him...

Adam Rensch

Adam Rensch

Adam Theron-Lee Rensch is a writer & musician. He is currently finishing a...

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